When customers want the industry’s best architectural canopies and panels, they ask for Mapes by name.

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The Mapes Story


From the day Mapes Industries opened its doors in 1952, its founder, John Stanley Mapes, knew that it was not enough to just fill a need in the market. You had to be exceptional in the quality of your product, conduct your business with the highest ethical standards, and believe that your word is your bond. He set the standard for treating customers as partners, working side-by-side in solving design, architectural and construction challenges.

He treated each project like it was the only one. He treated each employee like a family member.

As Mapes Industries evolved over time, we remained steadfast in what we do and the way in which we do it.

We are dedicated to our craft, keeping our focus on what we do well — making the industry’s best architectural canopies and panels, period. Constant improvement is at the forefront of our efforts as we continually strive to find ways to be even more efficient, more responsive, more innovative and more helpful.

We promise to remain the experts in our field. When building codes change, when the weather is a factor, when the economy begins to soften, Mapes is here, standing with our customers, fulfilling our promise, to exceed expectations and remain unrivaled.

Partner with the best. Partner with Mapes Industries.